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Is my entrepreneurial idea viable?

Evaluate your business idea!

What you get with this tool:

  • Save time and money by assessing and evaluating your business idea
  • Discover the best and easiest way for idea implementation
  • Get full and comprehensive feedback
  • Receive instant suggestions to improve your business idea
  • Compare your idea with that of other entrepreneurs



Coming with a business idea is probably an easy step. But the real question here is “Is my entrepreneurial idea viable?”. This is the most difficult part.

The entrepreneurial idea assessment questionnaire helps the person who wants to set up a new business to evaluate their business idea, discover the best and easiest ways of implementation and be able to improve it as needed. Specifically, the maturity and applicability of the business idea are evaluated in the following areas:

Market - This section examines and analyzes the potential customers of your business

Marketing - This section examines the promotion and selling strategy of your product or service, which should be consistent with the needs of your potential customers

Finance - This section examines the level of economic exploitation of your business idea.

Exploitation of idea - This section examines the maturity level of your business idea and factors that directly affect the successful commercialization and development of your business idea.

Upon completion of the tool you will be provided with full comprehensive feedback including: your current condition, suggestions on how to make improvements, benchmarking with other users.

Additional Information:

Tool Type
Time Needed
10 minutes
Services / Manufacturing / Trade

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