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Do you have the skills to be an entrepreneur?

Assess the level of your entrepreneurial skills!

What you get with this tool:

  • Be a successful entrepreneur
  • Measure your potential to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Improve yourself as a successful entrepreneur
  • Find your entrepreneurial weaknesses
  • Compare your entrepreneurial skills with that of other entrepreneurs



The quickest and most likely answer to pop up in mind when you ask the question, “Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?” is usually “Yes, Of course I do” But are you absolutely sure of this?

The entrepreneurship skills assessment questionnaire measures the level of some basic skills that someone, who wants to start up a business, must possess. This is achieved through the use of specific variables and methods linked to entrepreneurship.

With the completion of the questionnaire you will get a full assessment of your skills in a number of areas, such as risk-taking, analysis of market conditions, management and administration of business and other such key skills that relate to entrepreneurship.

Upon completion of the tool you will be provided with full comprehensive feedback including: your current condition, suggestions on how to improve yourself and which skills need improvements, benchmarking with other users.

Additional Information:

Tool Type
Time Needed
10 minutes
Services / Manufacturing / Trade

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