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Do I have the intention to be an entrepreneur?

Measure your intention to startup a new business.

What you get with this tool:

  • Increase the possibility to successful entrepreneurship
  • Avoid business failure
  • Reduce business risk
  • Know your entrepreneurial personality
  • Compare your intention with that of other entrepreneurs



One of the most controversial questions that one can ask an entrepreneur wannabe is, “do you really have the intention to be entrepreneur?”. There is no straightforward answer to this question: only someone with previous experience in running a business, preferably a mentor with a lot of experience, is the kind of person that can judge your abilities. In this area this tool makes the difference and gives you exactly what you need!

The entrepreneurial intention questionnaire measures the intention of someone who wants to startup a new business. Entrepreneurial intention is evaluated by five (5) different variables which answer five (5) different questions:

  • 1. Entrepreneurial intention - What is your belief about the likelihood of starting a business?
  • 2. Perceived desirability - What is your level of desire to become an entrepreneur?
  • 3. Perceived feasibility - Do you have the necessary knowledge of the practical methods of starting up a business?
  • 4. Subjective norm - Are you affected by your social environments’ perception towards entrepreneurship?
  • 5. Self-efficacy - Do you belive in your own capabilities?

Upon completion of the tool you wiil get full comprehensive feedback including: your current condition, suggestions on how to make improvements, benchmarking with other users.

Additional Information:

Tool Type
Time Needed
10 minutes
Services / Manufacturing / Trade

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