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Date: 19th of September 2013


At Tstartup we are committed to your privacy. We will only use your information in accordance with the law. This Privacy Policy states how your personal data is being collected, processed and used in the performance of our Site and Services under our Terms and Conditions. Under no circumstances will we sell your data.


This Policy does not apply to websites which we have no control over. For example, if you access the services of a third party, such as PayPal or GoCardless, when making a payment.  Please check those websites for their privacy policies which are unrelated to us.


We store and process your personal data to implement our agreement to provider Services to you.  We collect personal data when you provide it for:

  • registration on the Site;
  • use, payment and billing for Services;
  • an inquiry or communication made by you;
  • participation in any promotions, surveys and newsletters we offer.

We collect non-personal information such as cookies, local flash data and statistical information such as date, time, pages used, total time of use and frequency of use. This data is used for statistical analysis and for anonymous data records.  IP addresses and related internet information are saved in compliance with our data storage legal obligations and stored to secure data and ensure our system’s stability and reliability. This data, including the data that results from you filling in our tools, may be kept indefinately in our databases, and can be used to compare you with other users of the website.


We use your information to optimize and improve our Site and Services. Your IP address and the corresponding internet information may used by us to identify, track and cease use of the Site and Services for fraudulent purposes. In addition to using your personal data to provide Services, we use your data to settle payments and adjust our offer to meet the expectations of users and subscribers and to communicate with you.


Cookies are small files that enable us to record certain information about your device. Most cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser or exit a website. However, some cookies may be stored for a longer period. We use cookies to optimize the use of the Site and Services, especially regarding user. For further information on cookies please visit or 


We treat your data with the strictest confidence and will not disclose it to any third parties, unless you have given us your express permission to do so.  However, we will in certain circumstances share your data with third parties who are legally bound to manage your personal data in a confidential and secure manner and by using the Site or the Services you consent to this.  Such providers are:

  • Payment service providers, such PayPal, GoCardless etc
  • IT service provides (e.g. email providers, host providers)
  • Government bodies as may be required by law.

We may also provide your data to external companies, for marketing purposes, which are in a contractual relationship with us to further develop and improve our Services. These external providers are also obligated to handle your data confidentially and securely, and as required to complete their contractual directive.


We use social plug-ins such as Facebook’s “Like” button, Google’s “Google +1” button.  This shared feature works so that when you access the Site the same data will be forwarded to the social plug-in provider; this will also be forwarded when you access the provider’s website direct. So for example, when you access the Site and use Facebook’s “Like” button, Facebook will receive your IP address, the browser version and screen resolution and the operating system of the device you have used to access the site, and the URL of the website containing the “Like” button. Settings regarding privacy protection can be found on the websites of these social networks and is not within our control. 


You my inquire about your personal data or withdraw your consent to us to process your personal data at any time.  Please note that data cannot be deleted if there are legal storage requirements or if it is required for billing purposes.  We will deletes your personal data when no longer needed or required, or if you have requested deletion.  


If you have any questions or requests including having your data deleted please contact us. Upon request, we will also inform you of all the personal data that is stored about you. This may incur an administrative charge of up to £10.00. This information will be sent to you in electronic form, usually via email. You may also send any request by sending and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by standard mail to the following address:

Online Management Solutions Ltd
5 Argosy Court,
Scimitar Way Whitley Business Park,
Coventry, West Midlands,
England, CV3 4GA

We reserve the right to amend this Policy at any time, always observing the applicable data protection legislation. Should you have any questions please contact us.

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