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Do I have the intention to be an entrepreneur?
Measure your intention to start a new business.
€ 5.99
Do you have the skills to be an entrepreneur?
Assess the level of your entrepreneurial skills!
€ 2.99
Am I a risk-taker?
Discover your risk-taking character!
€ 3.99
Can I identify entrepreneurial opportunities?
Assess your ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities.
€ 6.99
Is my entrepreneurial idea viable?
Evaluate your business idea!
€ 3.99
Choosing the right name for my company
Find the appropriate brand name.
€ 2.89
Choosing the right location for my company
Evaluate your company's location.
€ 3.99
Calculating the startup capital
Estimate the startup capital for your new business venture.
€ 0.99
Product life cycle
Form your product's strategy!
€ 2.40
Choosing an effective pricing strategy
Select the appropriate pricing strategy and earn more!
€ 2.40
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